How to Play Games 8 Ball Pool Miniclip

1. Level / Rank

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip's degree level is to use a star logo. So far until I write this article the highest rank I've ever encountered is 150. If you first play 8 Ball Pool then the level you will quickly rise, but when your level is high, then the ranking will rise berlahan-land bit by bit. Increasing these levels in addition affected our victory also influenced how big bets that will be played. In our profile will also be seen how the percentage of times we win, how many total Coins us, how many times to win the tournament, and other accomplishments.

2. Money / good fortune

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip this good fortune we denote as Coins and Money can be obtained at any level rise is one currency to rise by 1 level. To coin or we can use this money to buy Stik Billiard, Comment / Chat, Billiard table, etc. You can also buy Money and Coins with real money (to transfer).

3. Roll

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip This is a bonus Roll of Game when every 24 hours where we will perform to get Coins Roll the results of placement is not necessarily, be said chancy.

4. 25 Coin / 30 min

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip you will get 25 free coins that will be given if you are online for 30 minutes. Indeed, 25 Coins are very few, but very helpful when you actually run out of coins having lost only, he.

5. Play

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip game will use the betting, at the time this post was made bets starting from 25 coins to 600,000 coins. If we win, the opponent bets Coins will be yours. In this game we will meet with players from different countries, so not only from country Indonesia alone.

6. Guide Line / Line maid

At 8 Ball Pool hack by Miniclip game is available with or without a Guide Line / line maid. The length of this line is influenced by the price Stik Billiard, so the more expensive it will be the long-Stik lines.

7. Tournament

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is the prize of the tournament varies with or without Guide line. Gift of the tournament is 60,000 coins.

8. Pool Shop

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is provided also store to buy Stik, Chat, table and so forth.

9. Stik Billiard

At 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip's price often becomes the prestige sticks, because the more expensive it will get better stick the stick from both a design and specification. At the time I wrote this article is the most expensive sticks 6 million coins. There is also a billiard stick with a color according to the state flag. Increasingly, however, the price maha stick the charge will be more expensive. Stick can not be played many times without charge (features / new regulations).

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